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Tasty Ready-to-Eat Canned Foods : ready-to-eat canned food

Tasty Ready-to-Eat Canned Foods : ready-to-eat canned food


Tasty Ready-to-Eat Canned Foods : ready-to-eat canned food


Yoshinoya Turns Its Popular Menu Offerings into On-the-Go Meals

Yoshinoya — a popular Japanese fast food chain, recently launched six types of ready-to-eat canned food. The offerings are supplementary to on-the-go lifestyles, providing consumers with a nutritious and tasteful experience despite time limitations.

Each ready-to-eat canned food option boasts Kin no Ibuku rice which is a type of brown rice that is grown in the Miyagi Prefecture in Japan. The bowls are modeled after Yoshinoya’s most popular meal offerings. This includes the gyudon (beef bowl), ginger pork, salted grilled mackerel, yakiniku beef, yakitori chicken, and grilled pork.

In addition, the ultra-convenient format of Yoshinoya’s on-the-go meals is not only ideal for those with time constraints. The ready-to-eat canned food can also be kept on hand as “emergency supplies for disaster preparedness.”

The six can bundle is available for purchase at Yoshinoya’s e-commerce shop.


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