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This grocer stock has too much competition

This grocer stock has too much competition


This grocer stock has too much competition


The Kroger Co.: “It’s a tough one. I’ll tell you why it’s so tough: because you’re up against Amazon and Walmart and you’re up against Target. It’s too much. Uncle! I’m gonna have to say Uncle when it comes to Kroger. Uncle Kroger. “

Akamai Technologies Inc.: “The comeback continues with Akamai. They’ve got the best technology, now they have really good management. I’m gonna say [buy].”

Office Properties Income Trust: “It’s got too big a yield. I’m worried about it. When I see that kind of 8% yield, it makes me think ‘wait a second. Maybe there should be a red flag thrown until we find out more.”

Nokia Corp.: “They really did fail to deliver. I think you’ll have to go with Ericcson. Ericcson’s a better bet. Let’s do that. “

Las Vegas Sands Corp.: “It is a buy, buy, buy. I think it’s absolutely terrific. Don’t forget: It has got a very good and solid yield – 4.5% while you’re being paid away.”

LyondellBasell Industries NV: “I prefer to see you in Dow Chemical ’cause if you’re gonna be in that business … you might as well own Dow ’cause you get a 5% yield, it’s a little bit better. “

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Disclosure: Cramer’s charitable trust owns shares of Amazon and Dow.

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