The To The Pub American Pale Ale is a new offering from the Camden Town Brewery that aims to offer consumers a premium drink to enjoy that will also work to support pubs in the UK. The beer will be sold in cans through the brand’s website and through select retailers in July, and will see proceeds from the sale going towards supporting pubs when they reopen in the UK. The brewery has pledged to give away 260,000 pints of the new beer to on-trade customers to help them boost their profits in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.Founder of Camden Town Brewery Jasper Cuppaidge spoke on the new To The Pub American Pale Ale saying, “Never would I have thought that the industry that’s brought me so much, would need so much help to survive. By drinking To The Pub, whether it’s a six-pack ordered online, a can you picked up at the shop, or enjoying as a pint in the pub, you’ll be giving back to the hospitality industry when they need it most.”

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