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Top 25 Interactive Marketing Trends in June

Top 25 Interactive Marketing Trends in June


Top 25 Interactive Marketing Trends in June

The top June 2021 interactive ideas encompass everything from branded sleep spas to global museum events that inspire people to get a taste of art and culture, virtually. To engage consumers, brands are creating dynamic games, virtual world and augmented reality packaging designs that tell stories and invite people to play a part in them. Blue Diamond’s Almond Breeze cartons, for example, invite nut milk drinkers to go on a journey from farm to shelf. Now that many parts of the world are easing out of lockdowns, in-person interactive experiences are opening up again. Standout examples include the Monopoly Lifesized location-based experience from Hasbro and the interactive cooking lab from Avocados From Mexico that lets kids play in a safe and professional setting, all the while learning about food.

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