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Top 35 Interactive Trends in August

Top 35 Interactive Trends in August


Top 35 Interactive Trends in August

These August 2020 interactive trends range from never-ending music videos to immersive AR wine labels. Standouts include Twenty One Pilots’ music video for its Level of Concern single. The video is a live YouTube clip that shares a series of images continuously, requiring fan interaction and engagement to keep going. “Fans are invited to participate in the making of the music video by going to the Twenty One Pilots website or dialing a number to receive a code” and will gain access to a custom “file filled with images, sounds, and clips from the phones of the musical duo.”Siduri Winery’s AR wine labels are another notable example and are part of its Siduri Holographic Experience campaign that aims to educate consumers with a unique storytelling feature. Consumers can access a holographic augmented reality experience — created with Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture Studios technology — via a QR code link that is located on bottle labels. Once accessed, the link provides an immersive experience including an educational session from Siduri Winery’s founder.

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