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Plant-Based Frozen Food Lines : Plant-Based Frozen Food

Plant-Based Frozen Food Lines : Plant-Based Frozen Food


Plant-Based Frozen Food Lines : Plant-Based Frozen Food

The plant-based frozen food section in UK superstores just got updated with some more options as popular Danish brand Naturli’ expands its business due to “an explosion of consumer inquiries on social media.” Food co-operative SUMA “procured the new series of plant-based foods for their retail partners which constitute a large number of independent food shops in the UK.”New plant-based frozen foods include guilt-free takes on traditional favorites—from soy-based schnitzels and sausages to plant-based pizzas and veggie balls. The products are gluten-free, rich in protein, and low in their carbon dioxide emissions. The growing demand for plant-based frozen foods hints both at convenience, as well as a consumer desire to be more socially responsible and healthier. Unlike many other brands, Naturli’ connects in close dialogue with consumers on social media and tailors its products with reference to their followers’ knowledge and requests.Image Credit: Naturli’ Foods

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