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Uniquely Flavored Organic Vodkas

Uniquely Flavored Organic Vodkas


Uniquely Flavored Organic Vodkas

Luxury liquor brand Belvedere really knocked it out of the park with the launch of its ultra-premium, made-in-nature organic vodka range. Debuted as Belvedere Organic Infusions, the line is ideal for those looking to indulge in the unforgettable richness of flavor combinations during the summer months. Belvedere stands out in the organic vodka aisle with this launch thanks to the creative, 100% USDA-certified organic botanical and fruit infusions. There are three options to choose from. First up is the Lemon & Basil combination that boasts a playful touch of floral elderflower. The Pear & Ginger, on the other hand, delivers “a luscious mouthfeel of juice pear, warm spiced ginger, and rich set honey,” while the Blackberry & Lemongrass organic vodka stands out with fragrant sage that enhances the richness of the ripe blackberries, and the peppery lemongrass and vanilla. Those wishing to indulge in Belvedere’s exquisite range of luxury organic vodkas can head to Top Shelf Wine and Spirits to purchase.Image Credit: Belvedere

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