artica-arbox is a New Contemporary Streetwear Brand

artica-arbox is the latest contemporary streetwear brand on the scene and it is launched through a collaboration between artistic director Irene Roth and Cristiano Minochi who has come to be known as the former CEO for YEEZY.

The inaugural collection by the contemporary streetwear brand is well-styled, offering a wide range of silhouettes — from lightweight yellow trenchcoats to playful powder blue trousers. For the Spring/Summer 2020, Irene and Cristiano choose to explore a relevant topic — the tension between physical and virtual worlds. The artica-arbox ready-to-wear collection “explores themes surrounding sci-fi realms and visions of the future, reinterpreting space age body suits and form-fitting garments.”

The offerings are already available through Saks in the United States but they will also drop in the UK by September 2019.

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