Daniëlle Cathari Offers a Chic Take on the Classic adidas Tracksuit

The classic adidas tracksuit is globally recognizable. This is a testimony of the stylistic universality of the garment, but also an invitation for designers and brands to consistently rework the underlying aesthetics and to produce a new unique take on something that is already successful in the eyes of the audience.

Daniëlle Cathari embarks on this venture yet again — the Amsterdam-based designer has a rework of the classic adidas tracksuit already under her belt from 2018. Instead of taking a heavily deconstructed approach for this venture, however, Daniëlle Cathari decides to embrace an elevated style that breaks the perception that sporty cannot be formal.

The classic adidas tracksuit is seen in various, tastefully curated colors, with lines that exude sophistication. The collaboration has been photographed in a “90s-era office furniture” vibe.

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