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Vegan-Friendly Chicken-Like Burgers

Vegan-Friendly Chicken-Like Burgers


Vegan-Friendly Chicken-Like Burgers

The Meatless Farm Chicken Burger is the plant-based meat alternative company’s first chicken-inspired product that will provide consumers with a way to enjoy a meat-like experience in a vegan-friendly way.The chicken-inspired burgers feature a natural ingredient recipe that makes use of pea protein to help mimic the texture and flavor of chicken. The burger is also formulated with fried bread crumbs for a Southern recipe-inspired taste experience.UK and Ireland Managing Director Michael Hunter spoke on the new Meatless Farm Chicken Burger saying, “Our first retail launch into chicken products is a significant area of growth for the business. To secure another listing from the UK’s largest food retailer, Tesco, shows that plant-based is no longer a challenger category, but fast becoming part of daily British food culture as we become more concerned about health and the environment.”

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