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Vegan Ice Cream Pop-Ups : Vegan Ice Cream Pop-Up

Vegan Ice Cream Pop-Ups : Vegan Ice Cream Pop-Up


Vegan Ice Cream Pop-Ups : Vegan Ice Cream Pop-Up

NadaMoo! Launched Experiential Vegan Ice Cream Pop-Ups Across the USA

NadaMoo! will be launching a vegan ice cream pop-up display in multiple cities throughout the United States on July 19, 2019. The company will be giving away free scoops of its coconut milk-based ice cream products including ‘Vanilla … ahhh,’ ‘Lotta Mint Chip,’ ‘Peach Cobbler,’ and ‘Birthday Cake Cookie Dough.’

The experiential pop-up event will include a photo booth, outdoor lounge area, and NadaMoo!’s ice cream tricycle rides. Max Haimowitz, NadaMoo! VP of Marketing, stated: “After seeing both local and national excitement around our NadaMoo! Scoop Shop, we decided to continue to spread the joy and bring our dairy-free ice cream on the road.”

This experiential vegan ice cream pop-up event is sure to create brand loyalty from customers while increasing the accessibility of vegan frozen dessert products.

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