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Shark-Themed DIY Stuffies : Shark Week collection

Shark-Themed DIY Stuffies : Shark Week collection


Shark-Themed DIY Stuffies : Shark Week collection

Build-A-Bear Launched a New ‘Shark Week’ Collection

With Discovery’s Shark Week just around the corner, many brands have partnered to launch sharked-themed products, including Build-A-Bear, with the brand releasing a ‘Shark Week’ collection of plush animals. The DIY stuffed animal shop allows consumers to pick out their own stuffed animal, and fill it with stuffing, pick out outfits and accessories, and participate in a heart ceremony.

For the Shark Week collection, consumers can pick from a gray ‘Tiger Shark,’ a spotted ‘Whale Shark,’ a ‘Blue Shark Sap Bracelet,’ as well as ocean-themed accessories to dress up Build-A-Bear’s standard plush animals. The stuffed animal apparel includes bathing suits, tropical shirts, surfboards, and flip flops.

Consumers can purchase the products online, or create a memorable experience with their children by customizing their own shark-themed plush animal.

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