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Vibrant Transit Safety Ads : GO Transit Safety Campaign

Vibrant Transit Safety Ads : GO Transit Safety Campaign


Vibrant Transit Safety Ads : GO Transit Safety Campaign


GO Transit Safety Campaign Uses Bright Installations to Promote Safety

The newest GO Transit safety campaign encourages riders to follow basic safety practices through a series of vibrant and interactive ads. In addition, GO has released safety vlogs that explain the dangers of common commuter practices. The campaign aims to engage consumers with the hashtag #GOSafely, which is quickly attracting online attention. The eye-catching multi-media campaign is a contemporary educational experience for commuters.

The campaign also launched a new paint that kills germs to encourage commuters to “Get a grip on safety.” Another installation features a display of bright yellow backpacks, stating “Nobody likes a backpack in their face. For your safety and others, remove your backpack on our platform. #GOSafely”.

The GO Transit safety campaign installations are displayed at Union Station, Bramalea, Oakville, Burlington, Guildwood, and Exhibition.

Image credits: GO Transit


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