These New Coldpress Cold-Pressed Smoothies are Flavorful

The new Coldpress cold-pressed smoothies have been unveiled by the brand as a way for consumers to increase their intake of fruits, vegetables and essential vitamins.

The drinks come in two flavor options including Mend & Defend and Survive & Thrive, which are both enriched with vitamins B, C, D and E. Mend & Defend is made with a blend of apple, banana, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, red grape and beetroot, while Survive & Thrive contains kiwi, cucumber, apple, banana, mango, mandarin, white grape and lemon.

The Coldpress cold-pressed smoothies will be launching this month at The Co-Op with a roll-out to independent retailers taking place later this year. The drinks will also be available in a small 250ml serving size starting in September for consumption while on-the-go.

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