The Walker Oven Baked with Veg Chips Come in Two Flavors

The Walker Oven Baked with Veg chips have been introduced by the snack brand as an extension to its existing Oven Baked range to offer consumers more options amidst changing food preferences.

The snack chips are made with a blend of potato, wheat and vegetables, and come in two flavor options including Sweet Potato & Paprika and Beetroot & Sweet Chilli. Each of the crisp varieties are reported to contain 40% less fat than existing vegetable chips on the market, which will come as welcome news to health-conscious consumers.

Brand Manager at Walkers Helen Strachan spoke on the new Walker Oven Baked with Veg chips and accompanying campaign saying, “There are common misconceptions about vegetable chips but our innovation, although lower in fat, does not compromise on taste. We are confident that the new range will be a success and are heavily supporting the launch with a new ad campaign with the Spice Girls, meaning it will be front of mind with shoppers therefore helping drive sales for retailers during a key period for the savoury snacks category.”

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