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Water Lentils Protein Substitutes : protein hydrolysate

Water Lentils Protein Substitutes : protein hydrolysate


Water Lentils Protein Substitutes : protein hydrolysate


A new protein hydrolysate has been launched by Parabel USA to offer product manufacturers with a well-balanced, plant-based alternative to traditional meat substitutes. Made from water lentils and featuring a neutral color, the protein is highly digestible, free from allergens and also certified non-GMO to make it an effective option for consumers seeking an alternative to meat. The product is minimally processed with no chemicals used in the process, which takes about 30 minutes from farm to table.

Parabel CEO Anthony Tiarks spoke on the protein hydrolysate saying, “The water lentil hydrolysate has a superb functionality especially compared to other minimally processed ingredients. In conjunction with its complete Amino Acid profile and high digestibility it will be an easy drop-in solution to everything plant-based – from burgers and sausages to sports nutrition and beverages.”


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