Zola and Diageo are Now Offering Products & Experiences for Weddings

Right on time for summer wedding season, wedding company Zola is announcing a partnership with Diageo to make it easy for couples and guests to access custom bottle engravings and cocktail kits for special celebrations. In partnership with cocktail kit delivery service Cocktail Courier, Zola and Diageo are now offering two curated cocktail kits for preparing either a Tequila Don Julio Blanco cocktail called ‘The Zola Paloma’ or a Ketel One Botanical cocktail, which is specifically centered on helping brides ask women they love to be a bridesmaid.

Diageo’s Tequila Don Julio 1942, Johnnie Walker Blue Label and Bulleit 10 Year Old are now available as wedding registry gifts and can be customized with a meaningful personal engraving via Reserve Bar.

The pair is also introducing the DIAGEO Experience Vehicle Reservation Service, which includes options like The Blade and Bow Horse Trailer and The Bulleit Bourbon Woody.

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