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10 Product Sampling Kits

10 Product Sampling Kits


10 Product Sampling Kits

As more consumers are shopping online (due to the acceleration of the digital age or the onset of COVID-19 physical restrictions), product sample kits become very important. Many are intimidated by the virtual purchasing experience as they can’t rely on all of their senses to gauge their compatibility with a given option. In recent years, there has been a sufficient increase in brands offering product sample kits that guide consumers to the correct shopping decision, while also building trust and loyalty. Calyan Wax Co., for instance, offers a Tealight Flight Set. This is a collection of 13 diverse candle fragrances that allows you to get the ultimate scent for your home. CBD brands like CBII, on the other hand, use the sampling strategy to connect to beginners in the wellness CBD space.

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