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15 3D Printing Advancements

15 3D Printing Advancements


15 3D Printing Advancements


As 3D printing continues to become more widely available, consumers can more easily access the technology. This creates new avenues for companies to create and distribute products. 3D printing consumer goods is an industry that is still growing and changing, as a result, industry norms are being set. The technology is being adopted in a number of different ways and for a number of different purposes.

One example of 3D adoption is by a company called Divergent 3D. The company created a 3D hypercar, titled the Blade. The car’s design features a 3D-printed lightweight frame, with carbon fiber and aluminum materials.

Another notable adoption of 3D printing technology was undertaken by Budmen Industries. The company created a 3D printed chair, which is titled the ‘Resolute.’

Lastly, a company called Hubert Chen has created a 3D printed knee brace. The brace is called a ‘Safe Landing Garment’ and it can provide joint support for its wearers.


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