Coca-Cola’s ‘Sip & Scan’ Campaign Boasts Summer-Ready Awards

One can always count on Coca-Cola to produce audience-engaging marketing campaigns and for the summer, the beverage company launches a ‘Sip & Scan’ initative that will give drinkers the opportunity to win an array of prizes that are suitable for the summer months. Unlike other raffle-like marketing extensions, Coca-Cola is giving away tickets for concerts, amusement parks, movies, and baseball games. The brand’s top-tier prizes include a chance to meet the U.S. Women’s National Team after their FIFA tournament, as well as “to light fireworks at a NASCAR race.”

The ‘Sip & Scan’ campaign also boasts a slightly revamped packaging, where the classic ‘Share a Coke’ is replaced with ‘Enjoy.’ Consumers are able to peel away the packaging of their bottled beverage and scan the wristband.

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