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Alcohol-Free Punch Cocktails : Punchy Punch

Alcohol-Free Punch Cocktails : Punchy Punch


Alcohol-Free Punch Cocktails : Punchy Punch


The New Punchy Punch Cocktails Come in 0% and 4% ABV Options

The new Punchy Punch cocktails have been introduced as a lineup of alcoholic and alcohol-free options that are focused on premium flavor profiles to provide consumers with more options to choose from.

The product will be available in the UK and comes in both 0% and 4% ABV options, which will offer consumers the ability to enjoy the premium flavor in their choice of formulation. The punch-inspired drinks speak to the rising popularity of low and alcohol-free drinks as consumers seek to reduce their consumption.

Founder of Punchy Paddy Cavanagh-Butler spoke on the new Punchy Punch cocktails saying, “We’re breathing new life into a classic, whilst making sure everyone has the freedom to choose and still be involved whether they drink or don’t. Taking summer flavors that work together, and pushing them that bit further with some extra spice, we think we have got something really exciting.”


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