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Socially-Powered Self-Improvement Apps : Spokk platform

Socially-Powered Self-Improvement Apps : Spokk platform


Socially-Powered Self-Improvement Apps : Spokk platform

The ‘Spokk’ Platform Harnesses Crowdsourced Opinions

The ‘Spokk’ platform is a self-improvement tool that will provide users with a way to help them fine-tune their ideas, skills and creations by harnessing the power of crowdsourced opinions.

Featuring a semi-autonomous functionality, the app will allow users to share their various creations with a worldwide population of other users. Feedback can be provided in an anonymous fashion to let users share their honest opinion, which could help to offer an alternative perspective than what is readily available within the person’s professional or social circles.

The ‘Spokk’ platform allows users to filter the feedback before it’s made public to let them make changes accordingly or only highlight the information provided by a select set of individuals.

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