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Alcohol-Free Wine Collections : Lindeman’s wine

Alcohol-Free Wine Collections : Lindeman’s wine


Alcohol-Free Wine Collections : Lindeman’s wine


This New Lindeman’s Wine Lineup Includes Three Nonalcoholic Options

The new Lindeman’s lineup of wines have been created by Treasury Wine Estates as a premium refreshment that features a high-end flavor of popular wines without the associated alcohol in the mix. Maintaining a 0.5% ABV, the wines come in three options including Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and a Sparkling variety that’s made with a blend of Pinot Noir and Muscat. The wines are available for purchase from independent retailers now and are likely to be a frontrunner this summer as many consumers in the UK seek to lower their intake of alcohol.

The inspiration behind the new Lindeman’s lineup of wines was explained by European Marketing Director for Treasury Wine Estates Kirstie McCosh who said, “Low and no-alcohol is a category in growth and with teetotallers now making up 21% of the total UK population and 75% of millennials limiting the amount of alcohol they drink on a night out (ONS Figures), we felt that now was the right time to launch Lindeman’s 0.5%.”


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