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Premixed Hawaiian Recipe Sauces : Poke Sauce

Premixed Hawaiian Recipe Sauces : Poke Sauce


Premixed Hawaiian Recipe Sauces : Poke Sauce


The Kikkoman Poke Sauce Adds Savory Flavor Depth to Recipes

The Kikkoman Poke Sauce is a multipurpose product that will simplify the preparation process for the namesake Hawaiian dish, while also offering a way to enjoy the flavor profile in different ways.

The sauce is made wit ha blend of naturally brewed soy sauce along with toasted sesame oil, lemon juice and a hint of hot chilli. These ingredients are reported to create a savory flavor profile that is perfect for integration into your choice of recipe such as Poke Bowls or other fresh creations that need a savory final touch of flavor.

UK General Manager at Kikkoman Bing-yu Lee spoke on the Kikkoman Poke Sauce saying… “it brings a subtle new taste to different food groups without being overpowering so the individual taste of the other ingredients comes through. As well as its use with Poke Bowl style dishes it can be used as an everyday dipping sauce. It is also particularly good used as a marinade for fish and vegetables or tofu.”


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