The Allinson’s Serious White with Sourdough Loaf is Premium

The Allinson’s Serious White with Sourdough loaf is the latest product from the brand that aims to provide a more premium flavor profile for consumers seeking artisan quality to appreciate. Made with 12% rye and wheat sourdough, the bread is batch baked and is ideal for creating an artisan-quality sandwich or snack. The product will transform perceptions of what prepackaged bread looks and tastes like, which addresses the need for premium options with a low-cost profile.

Director of Marketing at Allied Bakeries Matthew Cullum spoke on the new Allinson’s Serious White with Sourdough loaf saying, “As a brand offering premium, high quality ingredients, Allinson’s continues to build on the surge in popularity we have seen for premium breads. Since launching our new-look Allinson’s in 2017, the brand has performed exceptionally well and has been the fastest growing brand in bread and bakery with value sales up 40% year-on-year and volume up 25% year-on-year, significantly ahead of category.”

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