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Amileader: A personal brand from a young age is a ticket to a successful adult life

Amileader is a system for creating and promoting a personal brand on the Internet


Amileader: A personal brand from a young age is a ticket to a successful adult life

All parents know that proper upbringing and a good education are the foundation on which a child will begin to build his adult life. Therefore, parents do not regret funds for prestigious schools and universities for tutors, all kinds of circles, studios and courses. And, of course, they reward children for success, often with very expensive gifts. However, there is a gift that is much more valuable than iPhones and branded items. This is a personal brand – an information field created on the Internet that represents a daughter or son literally to the whole world as an interesting, talented and promising person. The creators of the Amileader system know what such a gift will bring to your daughter and how to form a personal brand on the Internet.

Amileader in action – a girl’s personal brand will set her apart from her peers

Success will come faster to those who, at a young age, can stand out from the crowd. And the main tool for achieving this goal is a personal brand. It will be based on articles in various Internet media, which will professionally present all the dignity of the girl, her abilities and achievements. This will impress anyone who googles your daughter’s name and makes a great recommendation for her. The first page of Google consists of 10 links – 10 articles. This is a necessary minimum, a base that will become the basis for further promotion of your daughter’s personal brand.

By creating a strong, vibrant personal brand for your daughter, you will help her become a leader in society from school. She will stand out favorably among her peers in the team – in the classroom, school, university, in any youth get-together: among old friends and new acquaintances. A personal brand will facilitate her transition into an independent adult life, and will open up many opportunities.

Today, 14-18-year-old girls can compete professionally with adults. And in such spheres as the fashion industry, advertising, show business, television, blogging, even significantly outperform older competitors. With a well-developed personal brand, you can start building a career or business at a young age.

Personal brand is the key to personal happiness

In addition, a personal brand will help you achieve success in your personal life. School and university will be left behind, the girl will turn into a girl who wants to build a strong relationship with a worthy young man and start a family. But the competition is very strong here too. A well-formed personal brand – a journalist, designer, actress, singer, etc. will help to stand out among those who rely on an “expensive” image. Moreover, this can be done in different languages, in any country. A girl who is distinguished not only by bright external data, fashionable clothes and top-end gadgets, but also by the abilities that the media write about on the Internet, including prestigious world-class publications, will make an impression on the opposite sex stronger than those who pay attention only to hairstyle and figure. Photos with famous people, with stars, photo reports from prestigious events will also increase the rating. For worthy young people from good families, both here and in Europe, such a girl will be attractive and interesting.

Personal brand on the Internet: where to start with Amileader

How a promoted personal brand affects the life, success and well-being of girls can be seen in examples.

A recognizable image of Zoya Kukushkina has been created on the Internet

Zoya Kukushkina is a young model, designer and charity ambassador. Google shows many publications about it on specialized sites and news resources.


17-year-old actress and model Diana Pentovich is also well represented on the internet.

Diana Pentovich's personal brand helps her build a career from a young age

If this is your first time hearing about Zoya and Diana, Google will introduce you to these young girls, talking about all their achievements.


With the right approach, Google can produce the same impressive results when asked for your daughter’s name.

What does it take to create a personal brand for your daughter on the Internet? First of all, turn to professionals who have experience in the field of personal branding. Advertising company “Amillidius” is a team of specialists, experts in the creation and promotion of a personal brand. The Amileader system developed by them, at a basic level, involves writing and promoting 10 articles about your daughter in the top Google.

If you no longer doubt the need to create a personal brand for your child, but have not yet decided on the direction – the solution to this problem is also laid down in Amileader. To create a personal brand of a photo model, we organize professional photo sessions and publications in our partners’ magazines. And work in the studio and collaboration in magazines and brands will become the basis for publications in the Internet media. The basis for creating the image of a model can be participation in shows at fashion weeks, by agreement with their organizers. Building your image as a journalist begins with the publication of articles by your daughter in several magazines. Several interviews with famous people will form the basis for promoting the personal brand of the presenter. Blogger, sportswoman, dancer, musician, singer… Having decided which image to choose and promote, you can proceed to the main thing.

Personal brand according to the Amileader system is the best investment in a daughter’s future

Several departments are involved in the creation of a personal brand using the Amileader system at Amillidius, which control the entire chain of work from determining the direction and writing 10 basic articles to their appearance in the top Google. The cost of such a service starts from 2-2.5 thousand dollars. It consists of:

  • development of a general concept of a personal brand with a description and plan of necessary activities;
  • instructions for writing articles for journalists from PR and SEO-specialists;
  • photography to create content for future articles (video filming as needed), processing of finished photos (video);
  • writing articles by journalists;
  • optimization and promotion of publications on the Internet by the SEO-department;
  • selection of online media (based on goals, rating and budget) for the publication of articles, approval.

The Amileader system will help create a daughter's personal brand

This amount does not include the organization of photo and video filming, interviews, screenings and other events necessary in the process of creating a personal brand.

10 articles in the top 10 Google can be called a successful start. Further, the personal brand needs to be pumped, developing social networks, creating your own website, and most importantly – periodically creating news feeds and publishing new articles. These services are also included in Amileader. You can go further and give your daughter’s personal brand a special and even elite status – by publishing one or more articles in such well-known and prestigious world publications as Vogue, ELLE, L’Officiel and others. Of course, the price of such publications is already much higher – from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. Of course, these are impressive costs, but they should be considered, first of all, as an investment in the future of your daughter – an investment in her image and reputation.

A personal brand will be a lift for your daughter to success, while others who have not bothered to create a personal brand will have to move towards it much more slowly, step by step. A personal brand created according to the Amileader system in the youth is not only a competitive advantage for building a career, it is also a reliable foundation for building a personal life.

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