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Charity Calendar 2022: what topic this year will tell the CEO of Amillidius Elvira Gavrilova

Charity Calendar 2022


Charity Calendar 2022: what topic this year will tell the CEO of Amillidius Elvira Gavrilova

Charity Calendar is an annual charity calendar initiated by the CEO of Amillidius Elvira Gavrilova. The project is aimed at ensuring that inmates of orphanages can receive a piece of love and joy on the eve of the New Year holidays.

We spoke with Elvira to learn more about the Charity Calendar 2022.

Elvira, the theme of the calendar changes every year: peoples of the world, seasons, etc. Tell me, what topic has become the main one this year?

Elvira Gavrilova: Of course, we could not help but pay attention to the topic of the pandemic. This is a truly burning problem for the whole world. I myself have had a coronavirus and I know how hard it is. Therefore, I would like to once again emphasize the importance of this issue in our charitable calendar. Charity Calendar 2022 has become themed thanks to the natural flower masks created by the designer Julia Lyatavskaya.

What is the purpose of your project?

Elvira Gavrilova: Our goal is to attract as many people as possible to the problems of children in orphanages. All the money from the implementation of the bright glossy Charity Calendar goes to charity – for gifts to children on St. Nicholas Day or Christmas. This year we are planning to visit orphanages for St. Nicholas Day and give children a little bit of a miracle.

Tell us who became a participant in the project.

Elvira Gavrilova: Members of the Charity Calendar are famous adults and children who are not indifferent to the fate of small wards of orphanages. Once a year, they get together for a thematic photo shoot at the Charity Calendar.

January – Anastasiia Kovalova

January – Anastasiia Kovalova: Student of Leaders, the school of humane pedagogy in which future leaders study. She is engaged in acting, fly yoga and creativity.

February – Natalya Gubanova

February – Natalya Gubanova: German language teacher at the Odessa gymnasium. Author of scientific articles, participant in many international projects.

March – Anastasiia Bondarchuk

March – Anastasiia Bondarchuk: Model, actress. Guest of the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. She collaborated with Chopard, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Fendi, Aquazzura, and was on the cover of Elle, L’Officiel, Harper’s Bazaar, Viva. She played the main role in the film with Hollywood actor Eric Roberts.

April – Kateryna Lazor

April – Kateryna Lazor: Laureate of the all-Ukrainian rating of successful women “TOP-100. Women 2021”, investor, business woman, Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology.

May – Karyna Simonyan

May – Karyna Simonyan: Odesa Metropolitan School student. She goes in for tennis, dancing and studies English and French.

June – Antonina Polovenko

June – Antonina Polovenko: Owner of “Aquamarine Crew Agency” which is located in Odessa. She is the winner and titleholder of the main queen of Ukraine — “MS Top Ukraine 2021”.

July – Alina Ivershenko

July – Alina Ivershenko: Make-up artist & stylist, hairdresser. Owner of “PurPur beauty studio by Alina Ivershenko”.

August – Svitlana Yermakova

August – Svitlana Yermakova: Doctor of Pedagogy, professor, practical psychologist, motivational speaker, coach, mother of multiple  children, author and leader of the project “Svitlana Yermakova’s School of Spiritual Development”.

September – Maria Kzhemanovskaya

September – Maria Kzhemanovskaya: Small model. She participated in various shows of Ukrainian designers and in the International Fashion Week in Milan, is engaged in acting, ballet, creativity, and music. Her debut as an actress was the role in the film “The Incident at Wall Street Hotel” starring Hollywood actor Eric Roberts.

October – Maria Glagoleva

October – Maria Glagoleva: Founder of Maria Gragoleva Language Centre, director, English and German teacher. Holder of the award “Heritage of Odessa” and participant of the project “Top-100 Successful Ukrainians”.

November – Nataliya Bondarchuk

November – Nataliya Bondarchuk: CEO of the “European Legal Group “Diplomat” LLC, President of the “Research Institute for Democracy Development” PO, President of the “First Step” student film festival, public figure, and philanthropist.

December – Irina Kzhemanovskaya

December – Irina Kzhemanovskaya: Owner of the Ш-Shine Medical Beauty Spa Center and the Blesk Tur Travel Agency. She swam 3 times the Bosphorus (6500 m), 2019-2020-2021. Irina played in “The Incident at Wall Street Hotel” starring Hollywood actor Eric Roberts.

The project was made by

Founder of the project: Elvira Gavrilova

Project Manager: Tatiana Drobot

Mask Designer: Julia Lyatavskaya

Photographer: Nana Moon

Makeup artists: Elena Stazhilova, Ekaterina Fedorova, Nataliya Fedorova, Alina Ivershenko

Translator: Veronika Evdokimenko

Designer: Valeriy Chaika

We thank our partner for the provided locations: Photostudio Viktor Lisenko

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