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Anti-Ageism Magazine Covers : British Vogue and L’Oreal

Anti-Ageism Magazine Covers : British Vogue and L'Oreal


Anti-Ageism Magazine Covers : British Vogue and L’Oreal


British Vogue and L’Oreal Collaborated on a Special ‘Non-Issue’

British Vogue and L’Oreal teamed up to create a special-edition magazine cover called The Non-Issue that features Jane Fonda and helps to spark discussions on ageism. This collaborative cover is representative of the shared views by British Vogue and L’Oreal that “age should no longer be an issue.”

The Non-Issue is a celebration of ageless style and beauty, and helps to increase visibility for women over the age of 50, who are often left out of these conversations by mainstream media. Within the special edition of the magazine, readers will find inspiration from many mature women. According to the magazine’s cover model, Jane Fonda, “It’s important to understand that older women are the fastest-growing demographic in the whole world.”


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