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Post-Randomizing Social Apps : Carusel app

Post-Randomizing Social Apps : Carusel app


Post-Randomizing Social Apps : Carusel app


The ‘Carusel’ App Sends Content to Random Users

Many social networks are limited in that users are often only interacting with their existing list of followers which can be hard to expand, so the ‘Carusel’ app is positioned as a solution to this conundrum. The app works by letting users post their content that is then sent to random users instead of just their existing roster of followers to expand their social reach. Other users can support their content by tapping on KeepItUp! to offer their encouragement, which could help the poster to gauge how well something is received by the public.

The ‘Carusel’ app acts as a great way for content creators to get their ideas out there and also works effectively for those seeking out new kinds of content to follow.


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