Third Aurora’s AR Winetales Serves the Entire Wine Industry

‘Winetales’ is the name of a new web-based AR wine platform from Third Aurora that was purpose-built for mass adoption—and already, over 80 wineries have signed up for early platform trials. The accessible platform is designed to be an all-encompassing platform for the entire industry, as its creator found that augmented reality technology is highly fragmented. As Dave Chaffey, co-Founder of Third Aurora, describes: “No-one wins when there’s thousands of different apps for thousands of wineries.”

The augmented reality platform creates AR wine labels that are directly viewable from a smartphone app and uses artificial intelligence for label recognition. With this technology, consumers are able to experience dynamic scenes and access content from brands with a simple web interface.

Following the platform trials that begin in early July, Winetales is set for an early release near the end of September.

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