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Arcade Advertising Strategies : tesla showrooms

Arcade Advertising Strategies : tesla showrooms


Arcade Advertising Strategies : tesla showrooms

Tesla Showrooms are Being Converted into Arcades

A marketing move has inspired the company to convert Tesla showrooms into arcades. The company rarely participates in traditional advertising, but it does make attempts to gain new customers. Tesla’s marketing strategy has relied on existing customers to bring in potential new customers. This current move is a continuation of this strategy, as the company is inviting Tesla owners and their families and friends to come to its newly converted Tesla showrooms through June 30th. Invitations were sent from an email that asked customers to “experience the new Tesla Arcade.”

This marketing strategy will also highlight the company’s arcade app, which is a bundle of games that were added last August, through a software update. The games included in the software update include Atari, Asteroid and a kart-racing game.

Image Credit: Tesla

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