The Quake Energy Drink will Come in Four Flavor Options

The Quake energy drink has been unveiled by 7-Eleven as a new private label product that will offer consumers a way to boost their alertness in an alternative way.

Free from sugar and artificial flavors, the drinks come in four flavor options including Orange Fusion, Original, Tropical Lemon and Berry Blast. Each one contains creatine, electrolytes, COQ10 and branched chain amino acids, which will likely make the refreshments a welcome product to sporting individuals.

7-Eleven Senior Director of Private brands Tim Cogil spoke on the Quake energy drink saying, “Understanding the needs of our customer is critical to the success of our private brands program. Customers were telling us they want an energy drink that provides more benefits than the traditional energy drink brands offer today. Our new brand, Quake, was developed based on customer feedback and incorporates the highest quality and right mix of ingredients that make it unique in the energy space.

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