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Art History-Inspired Beauty Accounts : Gucci Beauty Instagram

Art History-Inspired Beauty Accounts : Gucci Beauty Instagram


Art History-Inspired Beauty Accounts : Gucci Beauty Instagram


The Gucci Beauty Instagram Boasts Artful Inspiration Images

The Gucci Beauty Instagram launched last September with a feed of striking artwork that served as the visual inspiration behind the brand’s premium products and overall aesthetic. Featuring diverse depictions of women throughout history, the Instagram page started off by spotlighting a selection of both famous and obscure paintings that would inspire makeup and skincare lovers and has since evolved to highlight these posts and more.

Most recently, the Gucci Beauty Instagram has spotlighted everything from Gucci’s packaging and its correlation to modern industrial design along with conceptual close-ups of models’ beauty looks from fashion shows.

Using Instagram to showcase a carefully curated image selection, Gucci chooses to focus on broader inspiration images to draw in consumers more organically than it would if it were solely featuring product launches and traditional ad campaigns.

Image Credit: Instagram


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