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Artisan-Inspired Ice Cream Cones : ‘CookECones’ and ‘PretzLcones’

Artisan-Inspired Ice Cream Cones : 'CookECones' and 'PretzLcones'


Artisan-Inspired Ice Cream Cones : ‘CookECones’ and ‘PretzLcones’


The ‘CookECones’ and ‘PretzLcones’ are Indulgent

Ice cream cones are traditionally made from either a plain-flavored wafers or a thin waffle, so the ‘CookECones’ and ‘PretzLcones’ have been created to offer fans of frozen treats with a flavorful alternative.

The ice cream cones are crafted with either a cookie or pretzel profile that will add an additional touch of sweetness to the dessert or a bit of savory flavor, respectively. The cones are suitable for use with any flavor of ice cream and will allow for a number of unexpected taste profiles to be created.

The ‘CookECones’ and ‘PretzLcones’ are available for purchase from Vat 19 and are suitable for consumers of all ages, but are likely to be favored by foodies seeking to enhance their favorite flavor of ice cream.


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