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Artistically Packaged Preserves : Duerr’s jams and marmalades

Artistically Packaged Preserves : Duerr’s jams and marmalades


Artistically Packaged Preserves : Duerr’s jams and marmalades


The New Duerr’s Jams and Marmalades are Vibrantly Branded

The new lineup of Duerr’s jams and marmalades have been unveiled by the UK-based brand alongside vibrant, artistic packaging that allows each one make a visual statement on store shelves.

The marmalades are made using Seville oranges and come in four varieties including thick cut, fine cut, half sugar and Manchester marmalade. The jams come four new flavors including Strawberry & Elderflower, Blueberry & Lime, Ginger & Honey and Raspberry & Orange, which are all suitable for coeliacs, vegans and vegetarians.

Each of the new Duerr’s jams and marmalades are emblazoned with artwork by Manchester-based artists, which was explained by Sales and Marketing Director at F. Duerr & Sons Richard Duerr who said, “We pride ourselves on making delicious jams and marmalades which are full of flavour, in the city we love. So, in celebration of Manchester’s vibrancy and creativity, we have collaborated with local artists on the development of our new packaging to introduce a standout range of preserves to shelves. Our newly designed jars and unique flavor combinations provide us with a strong opportunity to increase sales across a broad age range with engaging and exciting products in what is typically a traditional category.’’


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