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ASMR Dog Food Ads : The Farmer’s Dog1

ASMR Dog Food Ads : The Farmer's Dog1


ASMR Dog Food Ads : The Farmer’s Dog1

The Farmer’s Dog released an adorable ASMR-style ad which crowdsourced audio of hungry pups to show viewers just how much dogs enjoy the brand’s food. The clever ad took footage which was sent to them from consumers throughout the pandemic. Leveraging a home video-style, the ad opens with the sounds of two pugs slurping up their food. The text reads “They told us healthy food couldn’t be tasty, but do you hear that?” The ad then breaks into multiple screens, each one showing a different dog hurriedly enjoying its meal. The audio comes together to create a noisy, ASMR-like audio featuring the noises of dozens of different dogs eating. The ad closes with the text “Smart, Healthier pet food.”Image Credit: Farmer’s Dog

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