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Authentic Noodle Products

Authentic Noodle Products


Authentic Noodle Products

The Thai Dragon Noodles range is being launched in response to the increasing number of consumers in the UK who are looking for a way to prepare their favorite dishes from the comfort of home in the midst of continued lockdowns related to the COVID-19 pandemic.The noodles feature a high-quality recipe that are made using traditional Thai methods, and come in both Thin and Pad Thai varieties that are priced at £1.20 per 200 gram pack. The vegetarian-friendly noodles are perfect for preparing authentic meals and feature a steamed not fried recipe.Surya Foods Managing Director Harry Dulai commented on the launch of the value-focused Thai Dragon Noodles range saying, “At the moment the buzz word in pricing is all about EDLP (everyday low price) – especially as UK family’s affected by the current pandemic start to feel the squeeze on their finances. People are looking for ways to maintain quality but at a better price and retailers are keen to meet this demand.”

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