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Backfired April Fool’s Pranks : McPickle Burger

Backfired April Fool's Pranks : McPickle Burger


Backfired April Fool’s Pranks : McPickle Burger


Mcdonald’s Prank — the McPickle Burger, Took an Unexpected Turn

The McPickle burger was debuted on McDonald’s Australia’s social media accounts. The fast food restaurant wanted to cheekily poke fun at its consumers and spark some degree of disgust or confusion, however, the April Fool’s prank completely backfired as people expressed genuine interest in the product. Users on Instagram were quite enthusiastically commenting on the post and how they were “going to order 1,000” of the McPickle burger.

The image gained over 20,000 viewers. It marketed a tasty sesame bun layered with “flavorsome pickles” and melted cheese, seasoned with ketchup sauce. Although the backfired prank did cause some disappointment and McDonald’s Australia had to announce that “the menu item would not be added to its menu any time soon,” the interest in the McPickle burger serves as a curious insight for future releases.


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