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Bogdan Terzi — business expert, on smart delegation: delegate and stay alive!

Bohdan Terzi, business expert, shared some principles of sensible delegation


Bogdan Terzi — business expert, on smart delegation: delegate and stay alive!

The delegation of authority is quite a contentious if not dramatic matter in business and management. On one hand, there is the desperate- “Delegate or die!”, on the other hand, there is the all time favourite- “If you want a thing done well, do it yourself”. How to balance hierarchical management, stay in control and avoid burnout? The business expert and marketer Bogdan Terzi knows the answer and is willing to share his professional experience as CEO of the advertising company Amillidius. He has over a hundred members of staff. Living up to these rules on a daily basis has led the company to the top of the list of digital marketing leaders.

Why delegation is essential, but so challenging, explains Bogdan Terzi

The purpose of delegation duties does not mean self-withdrawal from your own business. Doing so is both risky and makes no sense, believes Bogdan Terzi. The business expert defines delegation of authority as “delegating assignments which are very important for you to free up time for the tasks that only you can accomplish”.

From this definition it follows that:

  • Delegating is always challenging as you stay emotionally involved in the tasks (the result is very important to you);
  • Not everything should be delegated— there are tasks that only you can perform;

Delegating is necessary as one person has neither enough time nor capacity to accomplish all that has to be done– the tasks are going to pile up and hence make the pursued result unattainable.

The three rules of delegation from Bohdan Terzi

“Do yourself, do not delegate”— where to draw the line? Dilemma solution

Identify the tasks where your personal involvement is critical and find a performer for the rest, says Bogdan Terzi. As an example for small and medium-scale businesses, Bogdan Terzi reviews the representative functions and control. Control must not be delegated, believes the head of Amillidius. Delegating the key functions of the manager is the same as delegating your staff to have a workout in the gym for you. Other tasks can only be delegated temporarily. Say, while you are away on holiday.The main issue remains the implementation of delegation. Bogdan Terzi says that it is quite common that the leader delegates some duty once the employee failed to accomplish the task. Additionally, the next time the result did not meet the expectations. And the third time if result was still far from being perfect. At this point many executives reach the notorious ‘do it yourself’ conclusion. It might seem logical and quite fair, emphasizes the business expert. However, it is a dead-end for any business. “Another question to ponder is whether you really strive for your business to grow?, emphasizes Bogdan Terzi. And accept another axiom– if you want to move ahead do not do everything yourself.”

Bohdan Terzi_ 80% of the tasks should be delegated, the other 20% should not be, by any means

Successful delegation after the system suggested by Bogdan Terzi involves: «establish objectives right (use the SMART technique or any other you find suitable) – find a suitable performer – outline the limits of responsibility and the reward-punishment system». If one of these three elements is missing, the whole system will fail to work, underlines Bogdan Terzi. But in the case of a given task, where the performer takes proper responsibility, the result is guaranteed.

Bogdan Terzi will help to establish sound management

Adequate delegation organization as well as other business processes allowed Bogdan Terzi to substantially decrease the workload from managing his business and dedicate time to open up and build on his personal potential. He succeeded not only as the face of Amillidius company, but also as an independent expert consultant on marketing, finance and business management.
Today Bogdan pursues a noble purpose– to help young entrepreneurs and to show new potential directions in development to experienced ones. Visit the personal website of Bogdan Terzi for further consultancy and sign up for his useful tailored training courses.

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