Natty Light Just Placed an Open Call for Summer Interns

Natural Light—or as most people know it, ‘Natty Light’—just placed an open call for summer interns who are ‘Natty-qualified.’ For any college kid who just spent the past couple years throwing back a Natty Light or two every weekend, the position could be a dream job.

Last week, Natty Light posted a recruitment video announcing a two-month-long summer internship program running from June to August. The company is looking for interns who are 21 and over who aren’t content with a traditional 9 to 5 As the brand notes in the video, good grades are great, “but on top of that we want an ambitious, scrappy trailblazer. We’re running Natty Light, not your uncle’s accounting firm.” More specifically, the interns will carry out product research duties and serve as a brand ambassador at events. And yes, drinking is part of the internship.

Image Credits: Natural Light.

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