Leo Natsume’s Kings of the Weekend is Commissioned by Huawei

For his ultra-bubbly graphic sticker pack, Porto Alegre-based creative designer Leo Natsume extends his uplifting approach to aesthetics.

The project is commissioned by the Huawei Design team and is tied to the release of the Huawei P30 Pro. The partnership comes after Leo Natsume was recognized during a design competition put on by the firm.

The graphic sticker pack has been given the name of ‘Kings Of The Weekend’ and it concentrates on putting forth a whimsical attitude that will get people excited for Huawei’s product. When creating the 2D and 3D designs, Leo Natsume focused on inclusivity and diversity. Moreover, he made the characters be “energetic, elegant with attitude,” but also accessible so that users can feel free to express themselves through the graphic sticker pack when they are chatting.

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