Free face masks will be given away by Lush on Augst 11th — a day that is considered to be the “first-ever” National Face Mask Day.

As the “nation’s biggest (skincare) party,” this event will welcome store patrons, prompting them to “stop, drop and mask for 15 minutes.” The campaign recognizes the powerful properties of a good face mask, whilst promoting wellness. Lush calls particular attention to four of its products, including the ‘Don’t Look at Me,’ the ‘Cosmetic Warrior,’ the ‘Cup O’Coffee, and the ‘Just to Clarify.’ While the first three are part of the brand’s fresh face mask range, the last one is jelly-based.

Aside from free face masks on August 11th, Lush will also be giving away $500 worth of its products and to be eligible, consumers need to post on social media with the #NationalFaceMaskDay

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