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Celebratory Milestone Videos : milestone video

Celebratory Milestone Videos : milestone video


Celebratory Milestone Videos : milestone video


Nutrition International Celebrates 10 Billion Capsules with a Video

Canadian ad agency McMillan works alongside Nutrition International to create an adorable, awareness-raising milestone video for the not-for-profit. The client is an international organization that is focused on eliminating vitamin and mineral deficiencies in developing countries. In particular, the milestone video is launched as a campaign to bring these efforts into the consciousness of the public, while celebrating the fact that Nutrition International has given away 10 billion capsules. The video is quite informative and entertaining.

Intuitively dubbed the ‘Vitamin A Program,’ the initiative is focused on reducing child mortality and blindness rates. This has been an ongoing effort and Nutritional International has consistently donated to meet the needs of millions of families in over 60 countries.


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