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Hidden Social Media Likes : Hidden Likes

Hidden Social Media Likes : Hidden Likes


Hidden Social Media Likes : Hidden Likes


Instagram’s New Experiment Tests Hidden Likes on Posts

Instagram announced this week that it is testing a new hidden likes feature that will conceal the number of likes an image or video receives. Hidden likes will only affect Canadian users on their profiles and in their Feed. The owner of the profile will maintain access to the number of likes for their content.

Hidden likes can take the pressure off users to have their photos perform well, which is exactly what Instagram wants. Instagram states that it wants users to “focus on the photos and videos you share, not how many likes you get.” This may encourage more high-quality content rather than click-bait or promotional photos.

The same phenomenon of hidden likes is popular with younger generations who use VSCO, another photo-sharing platform, however, this platform has no likes at all. With Instagram following suit, it could radically change how we all use the platform and interact with one another.

Image credit: The Verge


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