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Cheeky Call-Out Laptop Ads : laptop ad

Cheeky Call-Out Laptop Ads : laptop ad


Cheeky Call-Out Laptop Ads : laptop ad


Microsoft’s latest laptop ad takes the brand’s rivalry with Apple to new heights.

For this marketing campaign, the software company employs a guy who goes by the name of Mackenzie ‘Mac’ Book. The individual lives in Sydney, Australia, and was sought out by Microsoft due to his name. The laptop ad depicts him comparing the brand’s Surface Laptop 2 and Apple’s MacBookAir. He is faced by a plethora of questions, focusing on efficiency, durability and other qualities that are desirable to consumers who are looking to purchase a new computer. The cheeky laptop ad ends on a bold note as Mackenzie concludes, “You should get a Surface. Trust me, I’m Mac Book.”

This marketing initative is one of many who illuminate the rivaling relationships between competitors.


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