‘Complimentos’ is a new limited-edition product from Mentos that shares a single uplifting compliment on every package. The candy wrappers boast sweet messages that are ideal for sharing with family, friends, lovers or potentially even connecting someone new. Some of the fun and lighthearted messages that can be found on the wrappers include puns like “You are the one I CHEWS” and “You and I are MINT to be.”

With Complimentos, Mentos is gearing up for its biggest campaign of the year, which follows the success of its Mentos Say Hello campaign. In the words of Sarah Elmer, Mentos Brand Manager, “We’re sure the fun compliments we’ve printed on our limited edition Mentos packs and the corresponding above and below the line campaign will be a real conversation starter. It’s ideal for creating theatre in store, giving retailers an extra reason to interact with their customers.”

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