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Chocolate Bloom-Preventing Cocoa Butters : Cobao Pure

Chocolate Bloom-Preventing Cocoa Butters : Cobao Pure


Chocolate Bloom-Preventing Cocoa Butters : Cobao Pure


Cobao Pure Extends Shelf Life by Up to 400%

Chocolate bloom — the whitening effect that naturally occurs as chocolate products are stored — is an unwanted effect that the new Cobao Pure cocoa butter from AAK is reported to help eliminate from many products.

The ingredient is reported to delay heat-related bloom and migration in chocolate, which could extend the shelf life of the product by between 50% and 400%, depending on the recipe. The product is made from deodorized cocoa butter that is completely fresh from lactose and compatible for use with other cocoa butters.

AAK Global Business Director for Chocolate and Confectionery Marco Oomen spoke on the new product saying that, “Consumers expect products to look as good as they taste, so blooming poses a risk to revenue and brand perception. As a product moves down the supply chain, storage temperatures can fluctuate, so an effective bloom retarder is a must. Cobao Pure delivers excellent bloom-retarding capabilities without the formulation and labelling drawbacks of some other ingredients. It’s an exciting new solution that is set to make a real, positive difference in the chocolate category.”


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