The Sincerely Sabella Wine Spritz is Convenient and Refreshing

The Sincerely Sabella Wine Spritz has been unveiled as a new cocktail option for consumers that will offer them a refreshing option to enjoy in place of traditional wine, beer and spirits. Funded by the AB InBev-owned ZY Ventures, the canned cocktail consists of a premium Italian white wine base that has been paired with sparkling water, blood orange juice and bitters. This gives the drink a citrus-forward profile that is light, bubbly and perfect for consumption during the summer months.

The Sincerely Sabella Wine Spritz was developed by Kendra Kuppin who explained that, “We realised that there was a huge gap in ready-to-drink offerings in London. We were challenged to create a product that addressed the growth in wine and spirits, and discovered there was a very real desire for lower alcohol products, decreased formality, and movement towards high-quality convenience products.”

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