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Color-Changing Cocktail Sakes : blue sake

Color-Changing Cocktail Sakes : blue sake


Color-Changing Cocktail Sakes : blue sake

The Seilan blue sake is a high-quality alcohol product from Japan that is positioned as a chromatic alternative to other options on the market that will work to enhance your choice of cocktail recipe. The alcohol product is a high-quality sake known as ginjo that is created using rice that has been polished to a minimum of 60% of the grain and is produced in the Saga Prefecture’s Sato Shuzo in Japan. The product has a vibrant, blue-hued appearance that will change in shade according to how much citrus has been added to the recipe to allow for a completely customized final appearance.The Seilan blue sake is available for purchase from both Village Vanguard as well as Amazon Japan and comes in 16.9-ounce bottles.Image Credit: SoraNews24

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