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Dairy-Free Yogurt Ranges

Dairy-Free Yogurt Ranges


Dairy-Free Yogurt Ranges

The Collective plant-based yogurts have been announced by the UK-based brand as an offering for consumers who are looking for an alternative option to dairy-based options on the market. The product range will be launched in the UK with a Greek-style texture that is thick, rich and creamy, and achieved with a blend of oats, coconut and rice. The ingredients are then fermented with live cultures before being layered with fruit to achieve four flavor options including Plain, Passion Fruit, Raspberry and Fudge.General Manager Sarah Smart spoke on the new The Collective plant-based yogurts saying, “We are so excited to launch our new dairy free Plant products as we look towards the future with consumers health and sustainability needs in mind. This is our biggest launch since we hit shelves in the UK almost 10 years ago.”

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